SAP Cloud

.While operational efficiency, cost reduction and IT agility to address the growing business needs are the key drivers to the adoption of the cloud, the approach to realize these benefits and achieve the desired returns are business context specific. The transformation to cloud could be disruptive to business and involve significant planning in defining the roadmap.

Key Enterprise Challenges to Cloud Adoption

  • Defining the Cloud Strategy and the expectations
  • Application portfolio assessment and rationalization
  • Identifying business areas, capability, constraints and associated IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of organization's current technology and business landscape, as well as future strategic goals and objectives
  • Understanding of the cloud paradigm and the varied technology /vendor choices
  • Compliance with region and industry specific regulations
  • Defining a roadmap to Cloud Adoption
  • At a high-level, organizations need to adopt a four-step process to achieve the stated goals of cloud computing.