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Has your organization acquired software testing tools and resources, only to find itself without sufficient support and a comprehensive roadmap? Spedon SAP Professional Services helps you build and maintain a proven strategy to reshape your SAP testing efforts for best practices today and ensure the lasting success of your SAP projects tomorrow.

.Key Challenges

Companies today face a great many challenges in transforming technology change control into business change control :

  • How to introduce technology change in a timely and cost effective manner to support business needs?
  • How to mitigate risks of technology changes to your business?
  • How to keep total cost of ownership (TCO) down and optimize resource utilization?
  • How to establish a quality platform to minimize risk, time, and cost of change event by automating repeatable processes, creating reusable assets and standardizing on IT best practices.

This chart illustrates the amount of effort required to implement change in SAP systems, both discrete and ongoing. In any SAP system, change is the one constant.

Successful SAP organizations mature their software quality management processes to increase application quality and lower the cost of testing business applications. These processes include :

  • Better quality requirements
  • Requirements traceability
  • Fewer business, functional and performance defects
  • Automated test case generation
  • Automated regression test cycles
  • Optimized test coverage
  • Improved application quality
  • Defect, enhancement and issue management
  • Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Meaningful reports and dashboards
  • Lower risk of system outages
  • Lower cost of testing