SAP Upgrade and Migration

As the clock runs down on support for older versions, the time to upgrade your SAP system is ripe. Spedon SAP team works with customers to manage the SAP upgrade process and make a smooth, seamless transition. We aim to reduce time-to-upgrade to ensure the best return on investment. Endeavour Technologies provide services to steer a customer's SAP installation to the next version. Some of the typical upgrade activities include: Analysis of upgrade requirements, Formulation of the upgrade strategy, Baseline technical upgrade, Upgrade of customizations, Validation of interfaces and reports, Unit test and system test of upgraded application, Creation of system environment for the new version, Data migration, Delta training in the new version, Execution and implementation of testing plans, Project management.

Upgrade consulting services allows customers to assess the impact of an upgrade and formulate migration strategies. Spedon helps customers create a systematic upgrade strategy that includes: Procedures to make best use of enhanced functionality of the new release, Consulting on organizational challenges, business processes, and technical activities, Review of current production environment and recommendations for optimization, Assessment of training needs of staff on the new release.

Types of SAP Upgrades

Spedon handles three types of upgrades which add value to the SAP investment of any customer. These are :

Technical upgrade : The objective of a technical upgrade is to achieve all goals that are within easy reach while minimizing impact on the business.

Functional upgrade : A functional upgrade's objective is to improve the business processes of the organization, in addition to the upgrade of its technical environment.

Strategic upgrade : The objective of a strategic upgrade is to ensure the adoption and deployment of web services, i.e. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA), to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages for an organization.